Why I Switched to Apple Products

For several years now I’ve felt very close to finally making the jump from Windows over to MAC OS X, but the timing was never right for me. I’m already used to Windows, I use Windows at work, and there is a moderate learning curve in making the switch.  Another big hurdle is that the price is extremely high compared to Windows comparable products so you need to be in a good place financially or have a very strong business need in order to make the jump. 

Roughly a month ago circumstances finally afforded me the opportunity to finally make my jump from my Dell using Windows 7 over to a new iMac which uses Snow Leopard OS X.  The result?  After a few weeks of learning all the ins and outs of the machine I have to say that I wish I’d taken the time to make the switch sooner!

So, what makes it better?  I’ve been pondering this question since I made the switch and it is a very hard thing to pin down.  It really just feels “right” and has to be experienced because it can’t really be described.  Load times are pretty much a thing of the past for me now, as are anti-virus software.  Installing software is easy, the way it should be.  In fact, it is so easy that it leaves you thinking you did something wrong!! 

On the flipside, I’ve found a few pieces of software which I used to rely heavily on which aren’t available, but all crucial software is available for OS X and for the others I’ve found suitable alternatives to meet my needs.  I also think the launch of Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac later this year will have a big impact on my experience. 

In closing, now that I’ve got my iMac I’ve just about completed my conversion to team Apple and I couldn’t be happier. Over the years I’ve collected several iPod Touches, iPhones, an iPad, and now I’ve converted my deskto pover to an iMac. 

Have you been considering making the switch to Apple?  Quit procrastinating and make the jump.  Whether you are technology savvy or new to computers, you’ll be glad you did!!

  • I too have been considering making the move to Apple Mac but haven’t done so. Many of the people I work with swear by Apple however I have worked with Windows for many years and now, with Windows 7, I’m not so certain that Apple still has such a ‘lead’. Perhaps some day in the future I’ll be converted ….

  • Scott

    I just recently pulled the trigger and purchased an iMac and a airport extreme. I have to say that I am pleased as punch with both products. I may even have the wife pick me up one of those Apple TV’s for my birthday next month. If you into photography the newly launched App Store has Aperature 3.0 on for $79, it is regularly priced at $219. A great deal.