Why I Fell in Love With My iPad

For several years now, I’ve been an avid iPhone/iPod Touch user.  I lead a mostly digital life these days, whether we are talking about reading digital books, watching movies, and consuming other digital media content.  Much of my income comes from the internet and I also am a gamer, so in many ways these devices have made my life more convenient, and that is invaluable to me.  I can’t count the number of times I wished I simply had a bigger iPhone.

Rumors of the iPad’s impending existance have been abound for many years and not long ago it was confirmed by Apple.  Although excited, I refused to get my hopes up too high until I got a chance to get hands on with the device, which is why I didn’t preorder the iPad.  The week the iPad was released, I went to my local Apple store to give it a try and knew within minutes that this was the device I had been waiting for.  

Although there is a lot of room for improvements already (give me a camera and fix the wifi issues please), the iPad has quickly become my default device when I’m home, allowing me to do everything I can on the iPhone while also allowing me to complete many of my day-to-day functions such as managing my websites.  In the past this was always done on my desktop and/or laptop.  Don’t get me wrong, as the iPad is not a replacement for these devices, but in many ways is the device for all my needs and has fit perfectly into my life. 

With the iPad I can quickly and easily browse the internet, watch all my movies, videos, and TV shows (plus YouTube!), use my Netflix account, manage all of my music, listen to my podcasts, view all of my photos, read my books digitally (which is generally cheaper and reduces storage), and soon I will begin using it to read my Wolverine/X-Men comics as well.  And everything is in one convenient device!  People say the iPad is expensive, but this device is easily worth twice as much to me. Of course, looking at the recently announced sales figures, it seems I am not alone.   Over 1 million people have already purchased an iPad and those numbers are for the United States only and don’t appear to include 3G iPad customers.  If you aren’t sure if an iPad is for you, do yourself a favor and go to your local Apple store and just play with one for a few minutes.  I’ve yet to find anyone who has done so and hasn’t left with one, but at least that way you’ll know whether you need this device or not. 

Lastly I wanted to let potential iPad buyers know that if you already have an iPhone/iPod Touch you probably have a lot of digital media (music, movies, photos, and of course apps).  I’ve found that the iPad fills up VERY fast, so I recommend spending a few extra dollars and get the 64 GB version to make sure you have enough to manage all your social media.