Problems with Apple iPad Applications

Like close to a million others, I was fortunate to be one of those lucky iPad owners on launch day, a device that has changed my life for the better. With that said, however, the transition to the iPad has left me with a lot to be desired, as I suppose you should expect with any first generation device.  Among the biggest of my frustrations is how iPad apps are handled in iTunes and by developers.

Of course in the interest of fairness, this is not specifically a problem with Apple, but instead a problem with how many developers choose to handle their iPad apps.  As an iPhone/iPod Touch owner, I have amassed hundreds of applications over the past 3 years. In the months since the iPad came out, I’ve had to repurchase many of these apps.  That itself isn’t the problem, as I realize that development time and often new graphics are required for the iPad version, but why aren’t all iPad versions universal applications when an iPhone version is available? Because most developers don’t make universal versions of their applications I have to maintain TWO copies in my iTunes and then delete then iPhone version off of my iPad. Making the iPad version universal would solve this problem completely, allowing me to delete the iPhone only version and avoid duplicates on my iPad!!

This problem was present immediately but I had hoped that it would be temporary as developers tried to make a quick buck when the iPad was released. Unfortunately this problem still exists almost three months later and only seems to be getting worse as I struggle to manage applications for two different devices. It would be nice if Apple would mandate or provide an incentive for developers to make universal applications.

Anyone else having similar frustrations with their iPad applications?