Good Reads: Social Networking for Book Readers

As social networking has continued to grow in popularity over the past couple years I’ve often found myself conflicted when looking at where the internet was heading. Do I want one social network for everything (ie Facebook) or would it be better to several smaller niche social networks?  Both of course have their advantages but I often found myself leaning towards the Facebook hub having one account and social experience to cover everything. This was mostly due to having an overwhelming number of social websites on the internet leaving me with accounts all over the place. 

The above still seems to be true most of the time, but I have to admit that when I discovered I realized the true value and potential of smaller niche social experiences.  For those unfamiliar with the service, is a social website designed for people who like to read. Whether you are looking to find a book recommendation, write a book review, or interact directly with fellow readers and even the authors themselves, has you covered! 

I have to admit that although I think I still prefer the Facebook approach for the most part, gives me an experience that Facebook never could and I highly recommend it for anyone that enjoys reading or listening to audiobooks. If you are a member and would like to be friends, you can find my profile here.

Oh, and while on the subject of books, I recommend buying books through Amazon (either paperback or Kindle ebooks) and Amazon’s audiobook website,  I’ve been using Amazon for my book needs for over a decade and now allows me to continue to absorb books while commuting, working out, etc.