Best Standup Comedians of All Time

My wife and I have been huge supporters of standup comedians for well over a decade now, supporting our local Funny Bone comedy club whenever possible and purchasing comedy albums when they are released by comedians.   Over those years we’ve probably found 30-40 comedians which we are big fans of, but a few have risen to the top of the list for me.

Below I decided to share my favorites, ranked by personal preference:

  1. Dave Chappelle
  2. Dave Attell (got to see him live in person and it was incredible!)
  3. Louis CK
  4. Daniel Tosh
  5. Greg Giraldo
  6. Jim Gaffigan
  7. Russell Peters
  8. Whitney Cummings
  9. Willie Barcena
  10. Iliza Schlesinger

Notables that either just missed the list or simply don’t have enough material out there to make the above list:

  • Alonzo Bodden
  • Amy Schumer
  • Aziz Ansari
  • Christian Finnegan
  • John Heffron
  • Kurt Metzger
  • Kyle Cease
  • Lisa Landry
  • Steve Byrne
  • Tommy Johnagin

So that is my list.  What does your list look like?  Any glaring omissions from my list?  Leave a comment below!

  • Cami Eslick

    I can’t believe you left Dan Naturman off. Almost as bad as when he got the shaft on LCS. Patrice O’Neal?

  • Connor

    great choices, daniel tosh would be at the top of my list because he has a ridiculous amount of material and all of its awesome
    2-Jim Gaffigan
    3-Dave Chappele
    4-Dave Attell
    5-Lous Ck

  • Sarah S.

    I would add Ron White to that list! 😀 Also glad to see Tosh made it!