Kyle Eslick is the founder of Apricot Media, a digital media company, where he serves in a variety of roles. Among them include various blogging duties, building affiliate marketing portals, and managing a large domain name portfolio. All domains are purchased with development in mind, but we have been known to sell a few of our undeveloped domains if the offer is reasonable. To make an offer on one of our domain names, please contact Kyle.

Disclosure(s): In addition to the above mentioned job functions, Kyle has also done WordPress SEO consulting work with a few businesses and has affiliations with many premium WordPress theme and plugin providers.

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Kyle Eslick lives in the Des Moines (Iowa) area with his beautiful wife and two boys. Kyle spends his days working in the mortgage industry, then spends his nights and weekends managing Apricot Media’s interests.

His offline interests include studying ways to become a better Christian, doing geeky stuff like playing with Apple products, playing video games, watching a lot of college football and basketball (Michigan Wolverines), pro football, the Chicago Cubs, and watching mixed martial arts (primarily UFC).

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